Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Exit Exams

Why should we not have exit exams upon graduating anything? I understand that economic disadvantaged schools stand to score less, however our diplomas must mean something.

How does one know the education of an ndividual without an accurate, up-to-date and challenging test of thier wits, knowledge, and reasoning skills.

JJ Glendenning
Any Comments???


Blogger sycotic22 said...

You know this really depends on what you're taking, or where you're taking it. I beleive that they don't give exit exams because they know that you really don't know anything. Well not all that you should anyway.

I complain about this too. Because you get a degree, in a specific field. I think you should know that field. But how can that be; you're talking a 120 credit degree and only 40 or so of those credits are in your major. The rest being other clases that have nothing to do with anything. A lot of schools are suprisingly like this.

Or maybe because the degree doesn't really matter anyway. You pay all of that money for a piece of paper that no one, but you really cares about. More then half of the people that graduate, don't even work in their field of study.

But in NY (CUNY), I don't know about anywhere else. They do make you take an exam to graduate. But it's writing essays!

It doesn't make much sense. I thankfully took a specialized degree, where I got more classes in my major then not. So I can safely say bring on the Exit Exams!

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