Thursday, April 27, 2006

$100.00 Rebate

I have been very busy lately, but when I heard this I had to blog it. The Senate wants to give some Americans a $100.00 rebate. That will last me two weeks in gas, then what?

How about, we cut the tax breaks to the oil companies, and strengthen our anti-gouging policies.

I heard a gas station owner on TV talking about how he wasn't making .20 a gallon. In the past they have always made .3-.5 a gallon, what changed? Gas stations don't make their money on gas, they make it on convience items.

We also need to hone in on the big oil companies, and we need to take a serious look at how the markets work.

Any Comments??
JJ Glendenning


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that too today! What a stupid idea! And these guys want to win the elections in November?

8:22 PM  

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