Thursday, February 16, 2006

This is a very personal post but I felt that I wanted to post this on my blog. This is an email I sent to a floral company. I am trying to find out if I can post the name of the company here I hope this never happens to you.

I ordered the flowers by the time you stated I needed.
I called to find out why she didn't receive them and was told the research department would look into the matter. I have heard nothing from them.
I Called back the next day and I waited on hold for one hour and then I was given the choice to cancel my order.

I have been purchasing flowers online for years now and I recently discovered your website, your flowers looked great and you had very nice arrangements, after seeing all that I took a chance and decided I would order from you all.

I will remember it as one of the most embarrassing situations I have ever been through. I recently met a nice lady and wanted to show her how much I care for her by expressing my love on this holiday. To my utter dismay she never received the flowers I sent I feel heart-stricken knowing that she must be disappointed.

Now I understand it was not a large order but it certainly contained a great amount of emotional content. I do not know what to do except to tell you that I can never recommend that anyone ever purchase from you. There is more to flowers than the cell walls and nucleuses for some of us pour our hearts into words of love and express our feelings in flowers. This was brutally destroyed today by corporation 1300 miles away. I cannot honestly express my emotions to you. I am a full time college student and I work full time, I have not a social life in years, I have been driven by thoughts of my success. Just when I meet a girl who interrupts this all and shows me that there is more to life than the writing on the wall when you are done, I am struck down not by something I did or even had a hand but something even worse.

She tells me it is no big deal and in fact, I might be even more upset than she is, it was my words, my emotions, and my love. Have never written a complaint letter with tones so personal yet again I have never experienced such emotional pain at the hands of someone else. Please let me know what your procedures are in situations like this, I pray that this does not happen much it really does impact a relationship, a solid relationship can survive something like this but the moment is gone, the magic fades and the glory erodes.

JJ Glendenning


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