Friday, December 09, 2005

Who Pays?

On the Oprah show they were discussing who pays for what on a date. I reccomend anyone that can watch should.Call me old fashion but if a man takes a lady out on date, he should pick up the tab. NEVER, split the tab. If you don't have money for the date don't go. If you don't really want to spend money you shouldn't go. But, a real man will pay for the date and will make that she has a good time.

There is more to life than the bedroom.
Any Comments?

Now as a note don't be a jerk. If the lady offers to catch the tip or something small don't deny her the oppourtunity to be nice. Just remember you are gentleman, gentleman are respectful.

I agree with your comment, some guys have to be controling and ladies don't like that. If she wants to pick something up, that is fine I will find another way to make it up.


Anonymous Matt Luria said...

I'm an old school gentleman who typically pays for dates however if the lady wants to pay for dinner, I will pick up the drink tab. It's called being kind. I am always amazed when men get fussy on a date when the lady offers to treat.

5:53 AM  

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