Thursday, December 15, 2005


I am a Democrat but I know that if you withdraw all the troops from Iraq our problems will multiply. We need to leave when and only when the Iraq's are ready. Not the zealous, extreemist groups, or opion polls say to leave. We need to leave when they are ready, when they have a viable military and police force. If we leave before that they could face a civil war, chaos or worse. This would effect you, it would effect everyone, we need to finish what we start.

JJ Glendenning


Blogger Debbie said...

My thoughts on the Iraq war. I fear we are training people who hate us how to fight... we are in essence giving weapons to the very people who hate us and want to kill us! I struggle to make sense of that. Prior to the war I was all for it and strongly believed in Bush's plan, however, after Suddam was captured it didn't make as much sense. But I also hold the belief that we will never be done with war now... I think we are living in the end times and Matthew chapter 24 seems to be playing out before our eyes... on a more selfish note about the war I want my brother n law home and my little brother who is being deployed in January to stay home... sorry for rambling!

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