Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sneaky Misuse

Some how ANWR is connected to balancing the budget. Some how drilling for oil in the Alaska is related to the budget enough to make them the same. That would be like you connecting dusting your TV with balancing your budget.

Here is my whole argument about oil. You want to cut dependence make Ford, Chevy, Dodge and everyone else get real about conservation. Right now the limits have been at their same levels since 1990 at 27.5 mpg. Here are some real limits:

5 years - 35 mpg, 10 years - 45 mpg, 15years - 52 mpg, 20 years - 60 - mpg. Until the oil companies become energy companies we will have problems with oil and everything related.

Alaska is not the answer so instead of answering the problem we just compounded another problem to deal with later.


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