Tuesday, December 20, 2005

NYC transit strike

My question to everyone is this, does one American have the right to tell another to work. Freedom is defined differently by everyone but I believe we can all agree if I see you on the street and tell you to get a job you will tell me something not so nice.

It is apalling that the government is finning someone for not working. We have a lot of people in society that don't work. I understand that this is a strike so it is different. However, the principal is the same, do we have the right to not show up for work.

Everyone deserves fair wages, honest pay, adequate benefits, and progressive raise, and everyone has the rights to fight for these fundamental American rights.

Any Comments??
JJ Glendenning

I post your replies...


Blogger CISSY said...

Well, I'm all for the working man -- or woman -- but these folks make more money than some of my friends in NYC who have two college degrees and they want MORE? There has to be some common sense used. Raise their wages, raise the prices of the trains so high that poor commuters will be walking to work.

2:08 AM  

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