Saturday, December 17, 2005

Letters to Editors

Below I am listing several letter to the editors I have written today in response to the new threat of "Domestic Spying." It can work like this, Someone calls from a foreign nation to the United States, (the numbers are logged and all information is recorded) that person calls someone else, who calls someone else, that person calls your friend, your friend then calls you. Now the problem is the conversation between you and your friend is recorded and it is up to someone in the NSA to determine if that conversation is relevant. What happens if you express general discontent with the government (your constitutional right.) If you don't believe this could happen read the facts. I hope Alene Spector does something, he has always been a man of rational thought, and fair principals.

Dear Editor,
If we sacrifice our freedoms for a little security what have accomplished. I as much as the next want to be safe, I know and understand that the world has people of great evil that wish us harm, but if we give in then they win. If we sacrifice all of our great freedoms, that which makes us who we, then we have accomplished nothing. We need to take a stand for our rights, we need checks and balances.

It is important that we as Americans protect the freedoms that so many have fought and died for, it is those freedoms that make us unique.

JJ Glendenning


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