Friday, December 09, 2005

Gift Cards

I wanted to comment on all the fuss that has been made about gift cards. While I certainly agree you should never buy a giftcard for your signicant other I must say they are gifts. If anyone is wondering what to get me a gift card will work.

They are not romantic, nor arethey are sentimental, but they are thoughtful. When I get one I say thank you, you didn't buy me a medium shirt (I wear an xlarge) or some rap CD (I listen to other music). You bought me something I can use (providing you didn't get me a Bath & Beauty gift card).

Guys buy something thoughful for your gracious lady. Give a gift card to your neighbors, nephews, and cousins.

Tips when you should buy a gift card.

1. If you think your wife wants a sweater?
you might think that one through...

2. If you think the new XBox 360 is a new hunting stand for your nephew.

3. If you think when your ask for the new Kanye West CD she is lookingfor a movie that is about a boy who travels west to find himself.

JJ Glendenning Any Comments??


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