Saturday, December 31, 2005

Health Care

It is a national problem with national concerns. Should your employer be required to provide you health care? This is a tricky question when you consider the things we do that are not healthy.

Excessive drinking
Excessive eating
Some of us speed in our cars

Among several other things some legal and some are not.

JJ Glendenning
Any Comments??

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Innocent or Not

Are you really innocent if you run from law enforcement? High speed chases do need to be contained in some manner. However, we have to understand that they indeed do have something to hide.

JJ Glendenning

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bad Game

Alamo Bowl with Michigan and Newbraska

I just watched the worst officiated game in the history of College Football. I am from Oklahoma and wasn't really rooting for one team or another but a fair game is the least they deserve.

I hope I never have to watch another game with these officials. What is the use of having instant replay if you are not going to use it.

I do want to congradulate Newbraska on a good game.

JJ Glendenning

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lethal Force

Regardless of whether or not you are mentally ill if you are wielding a knife or other weapon you are not innocent.
I would like to see a peaceful outcome but officers should not be questioned when they use lethal force to take down
a threat to the community. If you are mentally ill you do not get a free pass at another's life, you do not get a "get out of jail free" card.

You get help!

However, if you are peppered sprayed and you continue to threaten violence against someone else and or the police, you are a threat to society.

The officers in New Orleans did nothing wrong. They neutralized an excessive threat to the community and their selves. I am not condoning the shooting
but when a life is in danger the situation changes and the safety of the community and the officers is paramount.

JJ Glendenning, Any Comments??

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Celebrity Treatment

Anyone who thinks being a celebrity is all about parties and big money needs to read this article about David Letterman. Letterman has a freaky future stalker fan and a judge saw some humor in her claims of fascination and granted her a restraining order, yes against him, he did nothing wrong, he didn't even know her.

If you live in Santa Fe you need to get some new Judges. What sort of Judge recognizes telepathic communication. There was no Jurisprudence here or anywhere near this case.

Any Comments?? This is fun topic...

JJ Glendenning

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jail time for Practicing Your RIGHTS!!!

Wow, a great unconstitutional act, jailing normal Americans for practicing their rights. Whether or not you agree with their demands is not an issue. How much it inconveniences you is not the issue, the issue is workers right. I would like to see this go to the Supreme Court, I would hope they would put this law in the history books. I hope the New York Transit Workers continue to fight to exercise their rights.

Any Comment??

JJ Glendenning

Sneaky Misuse

Some how ANWR is connected to balancing the budget. Some how drilling for oil in the Alaska is related to the budget enough to make them the same. That would be like you connecting dusting your TV with balancing your budget.

Here is my whole argument about oil. You want to cut dependence make Ford, Chevy, Dodge and everyone else get real about conservation. Right now the limits have been at their same levels since 1990 at 27.5 mpg. Here are some real limits:

5 years - 35 mpg, 10 years - 45 mpg, 15years - 52 mpg, 20 years - 60 - mpg. Until the oil companies become energy companies we will have problems with oil and everything related.

Alaska is not the answer so instead of answering the problem we just compounded another problem to deal with later.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Snowy Covering

I wish this stuff would have held off just a few more days, not because of a white christmas, just so I wouldn't have to get out in it.

JJ Glendenning

NYC transit strike

My question to everyone is this, does one American have the right to tell another to work. Freedom is defined differently by everyone but I believe we can all agree if I see you on the street and tell you to get a job you will tell me something not so nice.

It is apalling that the government is finning someone for not working. We have a lot of people in society that don't work. I understand that this is a strike so it is different. However, the principal is the same, do we have the right to not show up for work.

Everyone deserves fair wages, honest pay, adequate benefits, and progressive raise, and everyone has the rights to fight for these fundamental American rights.

Any Comments??
JJ Glendenning

I post your replies...

Inteligent Design

This argument is ridiculous, the Constitution is for separation of Church and State. It is not about separation from religion, it about freedom of religion. Also these schools are not asking to teach the Bible, they are asking for a simple sentence stating that evolution is a disputed theory, basically not everyone agrees with it. Wow that's a statement. Of course it is disputed, I know if you run water over a rock and what about about one million years you will be left with pebbles and sand.

We are becoming a nation of politically correct babbling radicals.

Any Comments??

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Weather

In the description of this blog I mention that I might talk about the weather the fact is I haven't. Not until now, it has been interesting so I wanted to post some pictures.

Ridiculous Idea

For all of you who are preaching impeachment, read the constitution. I don't believe President Clinton should have been impeached, and I don't believe President Bush should be impeached. He has not committed anything comparable to high crimes. This is part of our problem (we Democrats) there are too many people going off the deep end. Do you want to beat President Bush at his own game, then lets do this, get rid of the ultra-conservative Republicans. Lets elect solid leaders, and keep those who are true patriots.

Lindsey Graham, Spector, Biden, Schumer all need our support. Several Republican senators give President Bush blind support and that is not what they were elected to do. The same with the Democrats, just because it is a Republican idea doesn't make it a bad idea.

JJ Glendenning

Whistle Blowing

We have whistle blowing laws for the corporate world, why don't we have them for the government. Someone obviously thought President Bush was breaking the law.

If they find this to be an overreach o power (it is) then who ever leaked it he or she should exempt from prosecution.

JJ Glendenning

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Total Chaos

To all of you who want to turn coat and run consider the falling.

If we pull out of Iraq now, we will set a bad example including these,
If the going gets tough we get going,
We are not in it for peace
We will not finish what we start

I disagreed with the reasoning to going to war but Sadam was evil and I believe everyone can agree the world is better off with him behind bars and without access to guns, or any weapons.

If we leave now and Iraq falls then our grandchildren will have no one to blame but us when they bring the battle to us.

JJ Glendenning

Saturday, December 17, 2005

John Spencer

Rarely does the death of a public figure deeply effect me. It is not that I am cold hearted, it is that it happens all the time, everyone has a life span and at sometime it will end.

What bothers me is when someone passes on before their time, I guess you can say it was their time. The death of John Spencer deeply troubled me. Here is someone who didn't mind letting their personal life shine through on the screen. Someone who was truly inspiring and a great actor.

He will truly be missed by many including me.

JJ Glendenning

Letters to Editors

Below I am listing several letter to the editors I have written today in response to the new threat of "Domestic Spying." It can work like this, Someone calls from a foreign nation to the United States, (the numbers are logged and all information is recorded) that person calls someone else, who calls someone else, that person calls your friend, your friend then calls you. Now the problem is the conversation between you and your friend is recorded and it is up to someone in the NSA to determine if that conversation is relevant. What happens if you express general discontent with the government (your constitutional right.) If you don't believe this could happen read the facts. I hope Alene Spector does something, he has always been a man of rational thought, and fair principals.

Dear Editor,
If we sacrifice our freedoms for a little security what have accomplished. I as much as the next want to be safe, I know and understand that the world has people of great evil that wish us harm, but if we give in then they win. If we sacrifice all of our great freedoms, that which makes us who we, then we have accomplished nothing. We need to take a stand for our rights, we need checks and balances.

It is important that we as Americans protect the freedoms that so many have fought and died for, it is those freedoms that make us unique.

JJ Glendenning

Friday, December 16, 2005

Blame the Democrats?

The Republicans have said they will blame the Democrats for not renewing the Patriot Act. Great, thank you, it is a compliment. We are fighting for the very freedoms that make this country great. Solid 4th amendment rights, the right to a fair trial, and the presumption of innocence, you want to blame all these things on the Democrats then go ahead.

If you want to investigate a drug dealer that is fair, but we all have to understand that he is an American citizen first and everyone is innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Just because someone stands up and yells terrorist or drug dealer does not mean you are guilty.

NSL's (National Security Letters) a search warrant without a judges order should be unconstitutional. When a NSL is issued there is no third party to validate the evidence, no one to review the States case, no advocate for the people, no neutral party just a demand for your personal information.

Continue to ask that Congress balance your rights with your security.

JJ Glendenning

Workers Rights

Am I the only one that believes that everyone should have the right to strike. I am greatly disturbed that New York has announced they may fine the workers. I don't want a strike, that is never a good thing, but if there is one I hope someone takes this to the Supreme Court. Every worker should have the right to demand fair wages, adequate benefits, and progress. Also we are talking about days. If it became weeks or perhaps a month then the situation will be different, but until it becomes a dire situation no one should threaten the workers rights.

Any Comment??
JJ Glendenning

The Greatest Thing About America

The greatest thing about America is erroding. America use to be a country of change, a country of revolutions, a melting pot. We are no longer a melting pot. The greatest thing about America was that we were a tolerant nation. Not anymore, now if you don't adopt to our standard then we ridicule you. The secular groups of our society are offended by religion in public, the religious groups argue that they are offended by removing religious elements.

Can't we all understand that if it is my house, my business I will show religious material, if it is your house then you can display whatever you want. If we all understood this, then mayby we could all just agree that is what makes America great.

The greatest thing about America is the variety of churches, the freedom of speech, the protests, yes the protests the power to display discontent.

JJ Glendenning

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Response to comment

We are not training people who hate us, I believe is a generalization or stereotyping. We are not at war with Arabs, we are at war with fundamentalist. We can defeat this element if we choose to, but we must have a better plan, we must include the moderate nations.

An Adult or not

I have been hearing a lot of fuss about 18-24 year olds. My question is this, when are you an adult? If it is a legal activity then why should restrict adults. I am not talking about alcohol. I am talking about everything else. A while a back someone actually proposed limiting the credit limit of those under a certain age. If your 18 then your 18. Gambling is not a problem for 18-24 years, excessive gambling is a problem to all. I am 24 years old and I gamble weekly, but guess what it is always a very small amount, and it is after I pay my bills and buy my food. To limit me, would be to deny me my right of being an adult and proving my maturity.

JJ Glendenning


Does a company have a right to refuse to live up to an agreement they promised. I believe in great CEO pay, but here is an idea if the CEO's get their retirement then the employees get thiers. I see noting wrong with the CEO making millions but they must understand that the common employees are what make a company great.

For now,
They have to honor thier agreements, if that means slicing CEO retirement.

All pensions fund have to be 100% funded and every 2-5 years auditors review the funds. PBGC should also increase thier fee's and become more robust.

JJ Glendenning


I am a Democrat but I know that if you withdraw all the troops from Iraq our problems will multiply. We need to leave when and only when the Iraq's are ready. Not the zealous, extreemist groups, or opion polls say to leave. We need to leave when they are ready, when they have a viable military and police force. If we leave before that they could face a civil war, chaos or worse. This would effect you, it would effect everyone, we need to finish what we start.

JJ Glendenning

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I passed

It looks like I am going to pass so I can crawl out of pickel jar and leave the millions.

JJ Glendenning

Monday, December 12, 2005

Bill Gates

He didn't invent the PC, he made it relevant, he made it useful, he made it practical. If Microsoft wasn't any good people wouldn't buy it, we buy it because it is one of the best.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Personal Entry

It is now 11:48PM.

On the 19th we will find out if I passed my two classes. I don’t know if I did or not. If I don’t then I am going to have to find a job really quickly, it will probably be Wal-Mart. I am going to downsize my bills and start penny pinching. This puts me in a pickle jar in the center of 13 planets, surrounded by 900 million watchful eyes, and one man with a pitch fork, another with hot plate and a woman with an appetite. I know this is odd but I wanted to say it.

For those of you wondering why I have to find a job, I will be on a one semester academic suspension.

Read "Just Do it!!!!!"

After you read her entry ponder this,

Will your greatest accomplishment be watching a movie, or playing a game or will you actually change the world. Wish someone a good day, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or just simply thank you. Remember the small things matter.

JJ Glendenning

Majority Rule

It amazes me that this is not making bigger news. Senator Frist is threating to remove the fillerbuster from the Senate rules. This is a long standing rule that both parties have used. I said it before and I will say it again Harriet Miers was the better nominee. She might have been a friend of Bush's but at first glance she was far less party driven. Judge Alito will decide Republican whenever given the chance. This just bolsters my opinion that no one party should control the government even the Democrats.

JJ Glendenning
Any Comments??

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone. I am confident in my faith that if you wish me Happy Holidays, I will wish you a great day and a very Merry Christmas. I don't go to the local parade for my daily dose of religion or to feed my faith.

If you want to wish me a "Happy Holidays" and sell me a cheap blender, I will be there, you can have my money. This is not like some anti-Christmas statement, this is simply a "Happy Holidays."

Also the Holidays sort of implies, all of the seasonal holidays. If I meet you on November 2nd I am not going to say "Happy thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, oh and have a great New Year."

Now if your offended by my "Merry Christmas" then I don't know what to say other than to say go fly yourself a kite.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tookie Williams

I don't know if his sentence should be commuted, but I do know that if anyone deserves clemency it is him. He is someone who didn't suddenly change his talk right before his time, this is someone who has for a long time has tried to set a good example and steer our young children away from gangs. He is no longer a part of the problem he is a part of the solution.

JJ Glendenning

"Where were you?"

I just watch the CNN 25, and I was amazed about what I remembered. My mom always told me she remembered where she was when she heard President Kennedy was shot. I guess there are several moments in ones life that they will always remember.

I was in a van with my instructor and several other students when it came across the radio that Elizabeth Smart was found. I remember everyone us felt relieved that she was found. I remember I said a prayer right there, wishing her all the best in life.

I remember when my mom called and said something has happened in New York. I woke up quickly and turned on CNN and Fox News and toggled between the two all day. I remember I watched the news all day, and 90% of the next, it was so hard to turn off or watch anything else.

JJ Glendenning
Any Comments??

Role Models

Where have we gone wrong? Our role models have become anything but someone to look up to and to respect. When I hear someone say their role model is Paris Hilton, or some other pop culture icon I become disgusted. Someone reminded me of this problem the other day and it really stood out in mind.

What kind of world will we have tomorrow if we only admire those who had no hand in today's world. Now I understand people looking up to their dads or moms, I am talking about public figures that you aspire to imitate.

Here is an idea, if they haven't been nominated for a Nobel Prize then maybe you need to look for a new role model.

JJ Glendenning

Shaq's new job

I am proud of him. Ok everyone here is a real role model. Mr. O'Neil is someone to look up to.
All to often in our world, our role models are hopeless. We aspire to be someone who is care-free rather than community leaders.

JJ Glendenning

Friday, December 09, 2005

Gift Cards

I wanted to comment on all the fuss that has been made about gift cards. While I certainly agree you should never buy a giftcard for your signicant other I must say they are gifts. If anyone is wondering what to get me a gift card will work.

They are not romantic, nor arethey are sentimental, but they are thoughtful. When I get one I say thank you, you didn't buy me a medium shirt (I wear an xlarge) or some rap CD (I listen to other music). You bought me something I can use (providing you didn't get me a Bath & Beauty gift card).

Guys buy something thoughful for your gracious lady. Give a gift card to your neighbors, nephews, and cousins.

Tips when you should buy a gift card.

1. If you think your wife wants a sweater?
you might think that one through...

2. If you think the new XBox 360 is a new hunting stand for your nephew.

3. If you think when your ask for the new Kanye West CD she is lookingfor a movie that is about a boy who travels west to find himself.

JJ Glendenning Any Comments??

Lottery Tree

There has been recent news about the lottery tree in Oklahoma. If you don't know what I am talking about do a search for it, it has been all over the news. I live in Oklahoma and I voted for the lottery. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The lottery is legal and the Republicans in Oklahoma need to accept that. Also children should learn about the lottery, responsible gambling, where the money goes, and also creativity. I think children should learn that it is not wise to gamble beyond means. Also it would be a creative way to teach distributive economics.

As a side note gambling is not the problem excess is the problem. Drinking is only a problem if you drink in excess, the same with food. If you eat too much you will gain weight and potentially harm yourself, yet we don't limit your food. (as a note I eat too much.)

Gambling is not the root of all evil, it will not bankrupt this state. I spend about $4.00 a week on the lottery usually. This is money that if I didn't buy 2, $2.00 tickets I would have bought a soda.

JJ Glendenning any comments??

A Few Words From a Rock

I wanted to repost a poem I wrote a long time ago.

I see that you walk by me
Day in, and day out but you never notice the
Rock that once was
A great boulder perhaps a piece of a great building.
You always appear to be going somewhere
Somewhere different, somewhere new
Yet I remain in the same spot for many years to come.
If only you would stop and pick me up.
And think about this
Where did I come from
What did I use to be
One of these days I won't even be here
My life as rock will end.
I will turn to dust much the same as you.

JJ Lynn Glendenning

To all those english buffs my grammar on poetry is bad, any tips would be great.

Who Pays?

On the Oprah show they were discussing who pays for what on a date. I reccomend anyone that can watch should.Call me old fashion but if a man takes a lady out on date, he should pick up the tab. NEVER, split the tab. If you don't have money for the date don't go. If you don't really want to spend money you shouldn't go. But, a real man will pay for the date and will make that she has a good time.

There is more to life than the bedroom.
Any Comments?

Now as a note don't be a jerk. If the lady offers to catch the tip or something small don't deny her the oppourtunity to be nice. Just remember you are gentleman, gentleman are respectful.

I agree with your comment, some guys have to be controling and ladies don't like that. If she wants to pick something up, that is fine I will find another way to make it up.


There is always some debate over innocence, but if the police say stop, if they give you an ample warning to stop. If you fail to recongize the authority or the neccesity of the police and continue to defy them you are not innocent, even if you didn't commit the original charge. Police are there to ask questions, you have to allow them to within the legal bounds ask those questions.


Does your boss have the right to tell you not to smoke? I believe they have the same rights that an insurance does to tell someone who drinks and drive that they won't insure them.This is not about your boss telling you what to do, it is about your boss saving everyone money. Does smoking cause health problems, are those problems preventable? The answer to both of those questions is yes.

To all you smokers, why should I pay more for healthcare because you choose to smoke.JJ GlendenningAny Comments?

Worthy Cause

I wanted to highlight a charity that takes the old adage "give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for life." This great organization has gifts that start at $10.00 check this website out.